TrueTear® (for Dry Eye)

What is Dry Eye?

Your eyes produce the right type of tears, or tear film, in order to remain healthy and comfortable. Sometimes, a person’s eyes stop producing these tears, resulting in something called “dry eye”.

Did you know that in the United States dry eye is a common condition, most often affecting people who are middle-aged and older? In fact, it is estimated that 4.88 million Americans from 50 and older have dry eyes.

Dry eye has a variety of symptoms, including burning, redness, foreign body sensation and even fluctuating blurring of vision.

Luckily, Oregon iLASIK & Refractive provides you with one of the latest and most effective treatments on the market today!

TrueTear® Technology

TrueTear® is a state-of-the-art technology that is used to treat dry eye effectively. The TrueTear® technology is actually a small, hand-held device that administers tiny pulses of energy to stimulate tear production. This device is drop-free, drug-free, easy to use and puts you in control.

The TrueTear device works quickly, with tearing occurring within seconds. While the effect is temporary, you can use the TrueTear® device for up to 30 minutes in a 24 hour period. This flexibility gives you the direct control of choosing when you want to produce tears to alleviate your dry eye.

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